Augmented Reality Technology-Enabled reMote Integrated Surgery

Specialized surgeries are often needed in places where there is no access to surgeons, and timely access to telemedicine helps novice surgeons save lives.

While modern telesurgery is limited to just audio/video, ARTEMIS enables skilled surgeons and novices to share the same virtual space.

ARTEMIS’ expert surgeons in remote sites use Virtual Reality to access a 3D reconstruction of a patient’s body, and instruct novice surgeons on complex procedures as if they were together in the operating room. Novice surgeons in the field can focus on saving the patient’s live while being guided through an intuitive Augmented Reality interface.



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Meet the team!

Danilo Gasques

UC San Diego
CSE / DesignLab

Enrique Zavala

UC San Diego
CogSci / DesignLab

Janet Johnson

UC San Diego
CSE / DesignLab

Xinming Zhang

UC San Diego

Thomas Sharkey

UC San Diego
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Zhuoqun Robin Xu

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